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pathogen inhibitor for surfaces and fabrics
offering ongoing protection after cleaning

A Clear Point of Difference

Fresche QuatLok technology delivers a clear and compelling point of competitive marketing difference.

Lock and Bond Technology

This advanced technology bonds to surfaces providing ongoing protection.


Traditional disinfectants to date have provided zero residual protection, as once they leave the substrate and destroy the pathogen they have no capacity to provide ongoing protection of that surface. Whereas this advanced technology has a residual effect on hard surfaces for up to seven days depending on traffic/wear, and on fabrics for over 50 washes.


Safe for human skin contact, authorized by OekoTex for use in Oekotex approved textiles and furnishings.

Longer Protection

Designed to stay on, not come off in order to function, delivering longer protection against infection.


The worlds leading ‘green’ bio based human friendly antimicrobial.


Tested to over 50 launderings and counting.


Not environmentally persistent so it can easily be recycled.


A mechanical not chemical mode of action so it doesn’t run down or deplete, it stays bonded to the surface to continue providing protection.