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pathogen inhibitor for surfaces and fabrics
offering ongoing protection after cleaning

Food and Beverage

Food manufacturing, storage, processing, packaging and distribution environments represent significant hygiene challenges. Fresche Bioscience is an effective broad spectrum anti bacterial, anti fungal, mould and odour control treatment which bonds to the surface on which it is applied. As a bound antimicrobial, it does not leach from the surface or deplete in antimicrobial efficacy.

As with surface and environmental hygiene, Fresche microbial control and surface protection effectively protects the treated surface from microbial attack, and stops microbes from colonizing the surface.

Surface hygiene applications in food and beverage include:

Food storage

Food processing

Food packaging

Food distribution

Bottling equipment

*As regulations differ widely by region, Fresche may not be approved for use in every jurisdiction. Care should be taken to ensure all local requirements are satisfied prior to using Fresche in food manufacturing and storage areas or packaging.
Food and Beverage