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pathogen inhibitor for surfaces and fabrics
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Human and Animal Healthcare

The World Health Organisation ranks the risk of nosocomial infection as being the third largest threat to mankind. Its position is that hospital acquired infections are a global threat in which no medical system can sustain, humanely or financially.

Hospitals and Healthcare facilities are an environment where infected persons and persons at increased risk of infection congregate. Patients with infections are often carriers of pathogenic microorganisms, and when admitted to hospitals are potential sources of infection for patients and staff. Patients who become infected in the hospital are a further source of infection through cross contamination of bacteria on surfaces and substrates in the healthcare environment. Healthcare acquired infections (HAI's) are defined as infections not present and without evidence of incubation at the time of admission to a healthcare setting.

When admitted to a hospital, a patient's flora begins to acquire characteristics of the surrounding bacterial pool. The United States Center for Disease Control recently estimated that roughly 1.7 million hospital associated infections caused or contributed to 155,000 deaths each year. An advisory has been issued that current disinfection and infection controprotocols are failing to control the rising incidence of resistant bacteria.

Antimicrobial may in fact be contributing to the problem, given their inability to deliver terminal penetration and destruction of the pathogen cell, thereby permitting the cell to build resistance. As a consequence the global healthcare system is under challenge from "super bugs" which are resistant to conventional antibiotics.

This new bound silane quat is a new approach where bacteria, fungi and mould are destroyed by a mechanical, non-chemical mode of action, which is extremely efficient.

Absolut Solutions Fresche is offering a new weapon in the fight to control bacteria, fungus and mould, and it can be applied to all healthcare products, textiles, hard surfaces, non-surgical surfaces and material assets. 
As a bound antimicrobial it does not leach from the surface on which it is applied, and therefore does not deplete in microbial control efficiency. Unlike common chemical and metals based hygiene treatments, these coatings delivers continuing, durable, persistent, long-term defense and protection of the treated surface.

patient privacy screens

hospital uniforms

hospital bed linen, towels

hospital mattresses and protection mats

hospital body wipes

medical consumables, masks, gowns

medical equipment

casualty and reception areas

anti-microbials for a healthcare environment