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pathogen inhibitor for surfaces and fabrics
offering ongoing protection after cleaning

Surface Hygiene

Our microbial control offering provides microbial control and protection that delivers broad spectrum, high performance surface hygiene in domestic, commercial or industrial manufacturing environments.

Have you ever considered how quickly a surface can become contaminated after cleaning? Traditional sanitisers and cleaners will reduce bacteria to a safe level, but human contact, airborne pathogens, spills, in fact a significant number of events can quickly help bacteria recolonize a surface.

The surface coatings being distributed by Absolut Solutions contain a unique molecule that attaches to the surface so that the coating can continue keeping a surface clean until the coating is finally abraded off.

This technology represents the next generation of long term, durable surface protection that's safe for the environment, people and pets.

Surface Bonded - Stay germ free longer

When applied to a surface, the silane quat products form a bond that does not leach from the surface, and therefore it does not deplete in antimicrobial efficacy. This keeps your surfaces cleaner, longer.

The Dark Side of Biocides

Many biocides comprise chemicals such as bleach, triclosan, alloys or heavy metals, including silver ion and nano-silver which do not readily break down and accumulate in our environment. Some, during the process of microbial interaction produce halogenated by-products like carcinogenic trihalomathanes.

Concerns exist regarding impacts of ion and nano-technologies which have the ability to traverse the human dermal barrier, enter the body and biologically accumulate in human organs, in animals and in the environment.

Overuse of chemicals and metal based biocides has lead to many biocides becoming ineffective, and contributing to the growing presence of resistant microbes.

Why use Fresche surface coatings?

Safe to use
At working strength, Fresche surface compounds are safe for people, pets and the environment. Unlike heavy metals like silver, nano-silver, copper, organo tins and zinc, Fresche surface compounds are not environmentally persistent or bio accumulative, making Fresche coatings one of the greenest surface protectants available.

Enduring Protection
Unlike traditional surface sanitisers and disinfectants, Fresche surface coatings continue to provide protection, controlling microbial levels between cleaning cycles.

Doesn't promote bacterial resistance
Fresche surface coatings are not consumed in the process of microbial control, leaving the full strength of the coating to continue protecting your surface. Other products deplete to the point where they are no longer effective, allowing microbes to mutate and develop protection mechanisms that ultimately make them harder or impossible to control in the future.
surface hygiene

Fresche surface coatings are used in:

public buildings, sports facilities. Locker rooms

showers, basins, toilets and bidets

kitchen and laundry benches, appliances

childrens toys, strollers, car seats, change tables

office computer keyboards and photocopiers

mobile and fixed phones, light switches

travel, planes, taxis, rental cars

elevator hand rails and lift buttons

bank ATM and vending machines

hotels, cinemas, gymnasiums

public areas, public safety