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pathogen inhibitor for surfaces and fabrics
offering ongoing protection after cleaning


Textile products are prone to host microorganisms responsible for diseases, unpleasant odours, colour degradation and deterioration of textile fibres and substrates.

Many current antimicrobial products applied to textiles, include toxic chemicals or compounds such as triclosan, heavy metals, silver or organo tin, zinc, copper, all of which are leaching technologies. In each case the compound leaves the surface on which it has been applied, and progressively depletes in antimicrobial efficacy leaving the surface unprotected from microbial infestation.

Fresche microbial control and protection treatments for commercial and industrial textiles are a new and highly effective approach to long-term protection of natural and synthetic fibres.

They form a covalent "lock and bond" with the surface or substrate on which they are applied, and they provide durable, persistent, long-term protection against bacterial and fungal attack. Available in both ready to use or concentrate form, they can be applied by spray, pad bath or exhaust methods. Fresche microbial control and protection treatments are transparent and invisible when applied, and do not change the hand, color or appearance of the textile.

domestic and commercial floor coverings

window furnishing fabrics

upholstery furnishing fabrics

bath towels and mats

kitchen towels and table wear

tents, back packs, sleeping bags and annexes

truck tarpaulins and crop protection covers

automotive, aircraft, cinemas, public venues

transparent when applied to textiles