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pathogen inhibitor for surfaces and fabrics
offering ongoing protection after cleaning

Eco Friendly

Absolut Solutions policy is to align ourselves with manufacturers that are committed to sustainable development and deliver eco-friendly products and or services and the Fresche Bioscience products comply with that policy.

Fresche antimicrobials are non-toxic, inert and completely safe for use around people, plants and animals.

Even during the disposal stage of treated antimicrobial surfaces [such as in land fill], there is no zone of inhibition or chemical leaching to impact waterways and other ecological processes.

In an industry renowned for the marketing of volatile chemical and heavy metal antimicrobials that leach, deplete and harm the environment, Fresche antimicrobial products are unique in their environmental performance. 

Without doubt, this advanced technology is the most environmentally friendly, long term, high performance, surface bonded, non leaching antimicrobial currently available in the world.

Eco Friendly